How a trip to Liberia with First Lady Michelle Obama changed what I post on social media

When you are asked if you would like to go to Liberia with Michelle Obama you say, “Yes!”

It doesn’t matter if you’re not up to date with your vaccinations, if you don’t have a passport, or if you know very little about the area you’re traveling to. You. Say. “YES!”

When I learned that I would be traveling to Liberia to meet First Lady Michelle Obama to work with her on her newest project, Let Girls Learn, I knew this would be a life-changing experience.

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Meet the Woman Who Runs Michelle Obama’s Social Media Accounts

I adore Kelsey Donohue! While working as Assistant Press Secretary to First Lady Michelle Obama I had the pleasure of talking with Kelsey and one thing became very clear, while she is SUPER smart she’s brilliant at engaging all! Without naming the big names, anytime you mention Kelsey the entire room lights up and compliments flow. While in Liberia with Let Girls Learn I softly pitched the idea of following her around the White House for a day and everyone got behind the idea. Here’s a very small look into her day and some great advice passed on to her from First Lady Michelle Obama.
She’s a wonderful human and maybe the best White House tour guide ever!

Meet the Woman Who Runs Michelle Obama’s Snapchat Account via INSTYLE

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If you see @blairebitchproj in the kitchen when you walk into @gwhfc, you know the food is going to be extra great that night! We became friends on a show years ago, she is one of my favorite people, and now one of my main volunteer buddies. (So any of you that ever want to show up, and I can’t be there, look for this face! She’s the best.)

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